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There are many ways to Travel To Masbate from Manila, Cebu, or Sorsogon. Our goal is to offer free information on the various methods of travel to and from the Masbate Province. We are not a travel agent but we do provide links to help you find the best source of travel to meet your needs. Have a safe and Pleasant trip to Beautiful Masbate Island.

Masbate Flight Information

Flying to Masbate is the fastest and easiest way to Travel to Masbate. Currently, the only commercial flights to Masbate depart/arrive from Metro Manila with an average flight time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. There are 2 nonstop commercial flights daily, Zest Air and PAL Express, and both arrive and depart in the early morning hours. The early morning hours are always best to fly in the Philippines because the upper air is cooler and less turbulent before the hot air starts to rise. Sometimes flights are delayed, mostly in rainy season due to weather conditions. Zest Air departs from the Domestic terminal in Manila and Philippine Air Express departs from the International Terminal at Ninoy Aquino Airport. Because of the increase demand of travel to Masbate, Cebu Pacific has just announced to also fly to Masbate from Manila in June of 2013.
2  hours trip Montenegro Shippingline from Masbate to Pilar Sorsogon.

Sorsogon to Masbate via Montenegro

If you are traveling from Luzon or the Bicol Region of the Philippines then consider taking a Fast Craft from Pilar / Sorsogon. Pilar is the Main Port of Southern Luzon island and located just outside the city of Sorsogon Philippines. Montenegro Lines offers many daily voyages between Pilar and Masbate City. Montenegro also offers ferries for shipping automobiles or motorcycles. This method of travel is more cost effective than flying but if you are considering this mode of transportation then Buses and Vans to travel constantly.
Trans Asia Ship in Masbate

Cebu to Masbate by Trans Asia Shipping

If you are departing from the Southern Philippines or Visayas region then consider taking Trans-Asia Ferry from Cebu City that departs three days per week. If you are in Visayas Region or southern part of the Philippines and you want to go Masbate, you may ride the Trans-Asia, which is a big ferryboat. Masbate is 232km away from Cebu and Trans-Asia may lead you to your destination.

Masbate Airport

Masbate Airport is an only domestic airport that serves the whole Masbate Province. It is located in the main city of Masbate in the Philippines. This public Masbate airport is operated by the ATO (Air Transport Office). The length of the runaway is 3,937 ft/1,200m and at the end of the runaway is the blue beach of that surrounds the Masbate Island. The very first company airplane that serves the Masbate Airport was Philippines Airlines, but now is the Zest Airlines, which is close to Philippines Airlines. Traveling by plane is the quickest way and the views are great seeing outside the window.

Masbate Port

One of the ways to reach Masbate Philippine Island is by water such as the watercrafts and all of the watercrafts loads at the port of Masbate that acts as the vital role in Masbate Island that is located at port area in Masbate City. It is the shipping gateway to Masbate Province. It receives and transfers different cargos from and to different places. There are various watercrafts you can see at Masbate Ports such as big and small ferry, fast craft, and large ships for the shipping of cargos. Some of the names of the boats you can see are Montenegro Lines, MV Gloria, Victoria, and many more.
VTI Masbate

VTI Masbate

If you are currently in the Masbate City area and need to purchase outbound Airline Tickets then please visit VTI Masbate Travel and Tours. VTI Masbate is the main airline ticketing office in Masbate and located in the Masbate Airport Complex.
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