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Flying to Masbate is the fastest way to travel to Masbate City (Airport code MBT) if you are coming from the Metro Manila area. Zest Air and Philippine Airlines Express have daily nonstop flights to and from Masbate. If you know your exact travel dates, we suggest that you purchase your tickets in advance if possible because usually the price goes up just before flight dates. Currently these flights are full and because the demand for more flights is increasing as Masbate continues to grow, Cebu Pacific will start flying to Masbate in June of 2013. If you are travelling with extra baggage or cargo, we strongly suggest you arrive very early because it is first come first serve on extra luggage because of weight limitations on the aircraft. Arriving late with extra baggage/luggage/cargo can delay the arrival of your baggage/luggage to the next day flight. Please check with your flight carrier about baggage/luggage requirements. Air Carriers charge extra for this service.
Zest Airlines in Masbate

Zest Airlines From Manila to Masbate

Zest Air offers daily nonstop flights to and from the Manila Domestic Terminal to Masbate City. These Flights originate at Manila (Domestic T4 Airport, Code MNL) and arrive at Masbate City (Moises R. Espinosa Airport, Code MBT). Zest departs Manila at 5:05am and arrives in Masbate at 6:25am. On the return trip to Manila, the flight departs Masbate at 6:45am with an arrival time to the Manila Domestic Terminal at 8:05am. Zest uses the (Xian MA60) turboprop aircraft for this flight which has approximately 56 seats available.

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Philippine Airlines in Masbate

Philippine Air Express To Masbate

Philippine Air Express (PAL Express) also offers nonstop daily flights to Masbate City (Airport Code MBT) from the Ninoy Aquino International Terminal (Airport Code MNL). PAL Express departs Manila at 5:20am and arrives in Masbate City (Airport Code MBT) at 6:35. The return flight to Manila departs Masbate at 7:00am and arrives at Ninoy Aquino International Airport at 8:15am. PAL Express uses the (Bombardier Q300) turboprop aircraft for this flight which has about 50 seats available. If you are travelling to or from an overseas location to Masbate, PAL Express might be a better choice because of the same airport terminal.

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Cebu Pacific to Masbate

Cebu Pacific to Masbate

Cebu Pacific has announced they will start flight service from Cebu City to Masbate on June 1 2013. They will fly nonstop service on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Cebu Pacific has stated they will use the ATR-500 turboprop aircraft which has about 70 seats available.
VTI Masbate

VTI Masbate

If you are currently in the Masbate City area and need to purchase outbound Airline Tickets then please visit VTI Masbate Travel and Tours. VTI Masbate is the main airline ticketing office in Masbate and located in the Masbate Airport Complex.
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